Economic Security
Income is one of the building blocks for a good life. Economic security means having enough income to afford a family’s basic needs through retirement. The recent Santa Clara County Community Assessment confirms that those who earn enough money to be self-sufficient have a better quality of life. The Community Assessment also highlights the huge wealth and quality-of-life disparity that exists in Silicon Valley. While many in the county are doing very well financially, there are pockets of poverty where residents face poorer health outcomes, lower-quality educational opportunities, and higher incidents of violent crime. In Silicon Valley, nearly one in four households can’t make ends meet. These families must make difficult choices between necessities like food, rent, and medicine. They simply don't make enough money to sustain themselves in this high-cost-of-living area.

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To improve economic security, United Way Silicon Valley is focusing our resources on programs and policies that can help families increase their incomes and financial assets. These include financial education, English and computer-literacy classes, employment-skills training, micro finance, credit coaching, free tax preparation, immigration services, initiatives like raising the minimum wage, and other efforts that promote financial stability. United Way will look for innovative ways to ensure that programs and services are offered where parents and caregivers can easily access them and empower families to get more engaged in their community.

Economic Security Outcomes

  • Family members attain/retain employment
  • Family members increase their ability to manage their finances
  • Family members attain legal status to be employed
  • Family members utilize safety-net services, which include food, housing, and financial aid

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