Emerging Leaders United (ELU)


Emerging Leaders United (ELU) is an exclusive group of people in Silicon Valley who want to improve opportunities for education, income and health in our community. ELU is the next generation of great leaders in Silicon Valley. The ELU leadership platform enables members to create programs, projects and events focused on giving leadership. The goal of ELU is to create a positive impact in our community, grow membership and have fun.

Membership in ELU provides opportunities for personal and professional development, while fostering strong relationships within the group that will be with you wherever your career may take you.

Emerging Leaders United (ELU) Benefits:

  • Active Volunteerism: Opportunities to volunteer and make a visible difference in East San Jose.
    1. School beautification in August to improve the Lyndale Elementary School campus
    2. Career Day in November to inspire students to strive to reach their goals in school
    3. Ongoing Science Fair Mentorship opportunities providing hands on help directly to students
  • Social Networking: Be immediately connected to a group of like-minded professionals also looking to develop their careers and actively engage in our community.
  • Leadership & Career Development: Through partnerships, get opportunities to attend exclusive leadership development sessions designed to provide skills for professional and personal development.

Contact: Diane Pham, Development Officer

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. LIVE UNITED