While a quality education is the key to economic success, some children are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting one. Nearly one in four students in Santa Clara County is an English-language learner, meaning they lack the English-language skills needed to succeed in regular instructional programs. Children from financially strapped families often miss out on critical early learning opportunities that help prepare them for school. Many live in districts where schools are overburdened and under-resourced due to the way school districts are funded.

All of these factors contribute to the academic achievement gap that threatens the future success of many of these children. In Santa Clara County, Latino and African-American students consistently score lower on standardized tests than their Asian and White counterparts, and the result is higher dropout rates and fewer college-bound students in those communities.
To help families support their children’s educational success, United Way Silicon Valley is concentrating our resources on programs that have a strong parent engagement component, innovative kindergarten-readiness work that builds child development skills, and efforts to encourage parents and caregivers to get more involved in their local schools and community.

We will also advocate for policies that would improve educational opportunities for all children, including expanding access to preschool.

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Children’s Educational Success Outcomes

  • Parents and caregivers effectively support children’s development
  • Children are socially and emotionally ready to learn when they reach kindergarten
  • Elementary and middle school students are socially, emotionally, and academically
    prepared for high school success

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