Credit Coaching Partner Program

Helping Organizations to Reinvent Financial Education

Solid financial management skills and a decent credit score are critical to achieving financial stability. Credit scores, in particular, are more important now than ever before. They are used by lenders, landlords and increasingly by employers to assess a person's worthiness, not only for credit or a loan, but also to rent a home or to get a job. The United Way Credit Coaching Program is an innovative approach to improve these essential financial management and credit skills.


United Way Silicon Valley's Credit Coaching Program matches trained volunteers with hard working individuals and families who are interested in improving their credit and financial management skills. This program was developed as a mixture of traditional financial education and the power of the volunteer-led IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. This blended approach resulted in an innovative and cost effective volunteer-led program that helps individuals improve their credit and financial management skills and lends itself to be replicated in other organizations looking for creative new ways to improve the financial stability of their clients. 


Bring Credit Coaching to Your Community

United Way Silicon Valley has developed this webpage to facilitate other organizations adopting this unique form of financial coaching in a way that is relevant for their own clients and organizational structure.  The materials provided below are a starting point for developing your own program; organizations are welcome to take these materials and utilize them as appropriate.  Additionally, United Way Silicon Valley is open and willing to provide technical support and guidance in order for organizations to take full advantage of the materials and program design.

Program Materials

Credit Coaching Training Slides

Sample Training Agenda

Credit Quiz for Training

Sample Credit Report-Equifax

Sample Credit Report-Experian

Sample Credit Report-TransUnion

Session 1 Checklist

Session 2 Checklist

Session 3 Checklist

Session 4 Checklist

Session 5 Checklist

Session 6 Checklist

Initial Participant Survey

Final Participant Survey

Volunteer Outreach Flyer

Participant Outreach Flyer

Participant Outreach Flyer with Tabs

Participant Brochure


Contact Us

To learn about our approach to financial education or to get support in starting Credit Coaching at your organization, please fill out our contact form or call us at 408-345-4347.





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